Information and prices for public charging stations

Find out how to proceed and practical information on the use of the public charging stations of the Sinergy network in Martigny.

Start a charging session

  1. Grab the plug and plug it into the vehicle
  2. Authenticate yourself and start the recharge with :
    • An RFID card or an application from an electromobility network (VALT, evpass or other)
    • The QR Code “Scan&Charge”, several payment options are available (credit card, Twint, etc.). This method does not require any registration.

Stopping a load session

  1. Authenticate yourself to stop the recharge
  2. Unlock the vehicle
  3. Unplug the plug and put it back in its holder

Rates and penalties

Please note that parking must be paid for separately from charging. Please refer to the parking rules of the car park.

Benefit from Valt’s low rates

Sinergy is a member of the Valt electric mobility network. Order your card and benefit from advantageous rates on more than 200 terminals of the Valt network.

Find another charging station

Find here all the terminals of the Valt network, as well as those of the evpass network that you can access.

If something goes wrong?

I can’t start the recharge

> If charging does not start, repeat the above procedure.

> Try unlocking and then relocking the vehicle with the key.

I can’t remove the plug from my car

> Pass the card through the station reader again.

> Try locking and unlocking the vehicle several times.

The terminal is off or a fault triangle is displayed 

> Report the problem to Sinergy (027 564 25 00 or

The terminal shows a blue battery, but no vehicle is connected 

> Report the problem to Sinergy (027 564 25 00 or


If you still have problems, please contact Sinergy by phone 027 564 25 00, email mobilité or via the contact form.

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